Draft McCain 2004
01 October 2003

  Contact Senator McCain today and express how much you wish... No, how much you need for him to replace the Non-Republican In Chief.

Conact the senator using his online form. Write to him at his DC office

241 Russell Senate Ofc. Bldg.
United States Senate
Washington D.C., Washington DC 20510

Or get on the phone and send your words his way.
Phone: (202) 224-2235
Fax: (202) 228-2862

Whatever you do, do it fast. Time is running out to get into New Hampshire and stop Bush from draining all the money (and blood) from the party. 

  It's time to start fresh.

George W. Bush has been a disaster for the nation, the world, and the Grand Old Party. Bush is not a conservative. He's not a liberal. He's an alien, come to snatch the party away and waft it off to a place that Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan would never recognize.

We have a president who is growing the government at the fastest rate since the Civil War because he doesn't care about small government.

We have a president who is digging the deepest debt pit in history because he doesn't care about balancing the budget or being a good steward of our taxes.

We have a president who is nation building across the globe because he thinks there's no difference between soldiers and policemen.

We have a president whose own men divulged information about a CIA agent, because he's more interested in making political hay than protecting someone really working to solve the problem of weapons poliferation.

We have George W. Bush.

But, thank God, we don't have to keep him. There are only a few weeks left before the door closes on the New Hampshire primary. Do whatever you can to get John McCain to enter this race as a candidate for president. McCain would instantly energize the Republican base, and would steal away the independents and conservative Democrats now attracted to outsider campaigns like Wesley Clark and Howard Dean.

Save yourself, save your nation, save your party. Draft McCain. 
It's time to save the Republican Party, and the Republic, from the disaster that is George W. Bush

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